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Welcome random person whose stumbled upon my blog :). Hayder (pronounced like saying spider with a hi) | 22 | London.

This blog will consist of anime/manga, jrpg/gaming  and other things I find interesting in general.

If I randomly follow you back, its probably due to: 1) You either post things I like 2) I enjoy the fandoms you reblog

going to resume/playcatch up with JoJo’s and Sailor Moon this weekend xD

(dumb netflix, keeps making me watch a new tv show instead >.>)

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"You guys… You hadn’t forgotten about me? You still thought of me as a friend?"








""but that book character has blue/grey/light eyes so obviously they’re white!!"" ://///

Yes, goddamnit(Reminder that light eyes and blonde hair can be caused by conditions, such as Waardenburg Syndrome and albinism, but they are still real people that can (and should) be represented in media and such)And also I can add that I have news for y’all, people can be black and naturally blondeAnd literally people from ANY KIND can be a redheadand have freackles and suchSo please, stop pretending only white people can have those characteristics, jfc, it’s sofucking annoying.


Boom de yada

Just to add on - While race is a very, very, very significant issue, race as we know it is a social construct. When you acknowledge that all people on earth have veeeery little genetic variation in the scope of things, it’s much easier to break oneself from the training of “only white people have this, only black people have that, only asian people have this trait, etc”

the funny thing ist though, even if a character is described as having dark skin, dark hair and brown eyes, theyre still being cast as white

It’s also worth noting that the fact that a black person has blonde or red hair doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve got a white ancestor kicking around in their family tree. Recent genetic studies suggest that the gene that codes for blonde hair in black African populations is completely different from the gene that codes for blonde hair in white European populations, and that blond hair among Aboriginal Australian populations is connected to yet a third gene. The same trait has independently arisen at least three times in humanity’s generic history, and only one of those cases is linked with light skin per se.
(Interestingly, this also means that the widspread belief that blonde hair is part of a complex of adaptations to low-sunlight regions is probably false, since populations that live in the sunniest parts of the world have their own blonde-hair mutations unrelated to the European one.)

Main chars of FF9, old stuff





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